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Happy to Help!


Once you purchase a license of CollabX ™ Products, you will be directly supported by our professional team.

Our priority is your satisfaction, and we assure you quick and useful responses to your needs. CollabX ™ Support is performed through various media: email, phone, remote helpdesk, tracking system. Our skilled professionals help you in solving problems and properly configuring your system so that your installation will be always up to date.

Our technical support goal is to provide our users and customers with the best experience possible when using our solutions.

If you have trouble with any of our products, there are several options available:




Professional Services


We offer optional professional services that are customized to solve all your specific business needs. Our staff is specialized in ERP implementation and management solutions, so you will save a lot of time and money in deployment, system migration, integration, and business process implementation.

Professional Services are particularly appreciated in those situations where you don’t have in-house technical resources so that our professional services can guarantee an easy and fast way to perform a successful deployment and integration.