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RFID brings the opportunity to improve process automation by allowing items to be tagged and tracked in a wide range of industries and situations. We specialise in building solutions using RFID to reduce inventory, improve quality, and automate the manual process. Traditionally Bar codes were used to tag and track, but RFID brings several advantages.


  • RFID tags can be read in bulk at distances up to 50 feet
  • Does not require line of sight
  • Can store large amounts of information, and are re-writable



Event Activation

Meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions (MICE) is a type of tourism in which large groups, usually planned well in advance, are brought together for a particular purpose. Industry educators are recommending the use of “events industry” to be an umbrella term for the vast scope it represents. MICE events are usually centered on a theme or topic and are aimed at a professional, academic or trade organization or other special interest group.

We design and develop solutions that help brands and agencies leverage the power digital, social and mobile strategies to directly engage with the audience.

Parking Management System

This is our RFID based system for managing the Entry /Exit flow of vehicles in premises or boundaries. The premises are secured with barriers that have RF readers installed. This solution is based on fast and secure long range identification system that manages and identifies vehicle and driver activities. For additional security, Gates can be installed with CCTV to capture the images when vehicle enters and exits the boundry.

It also has a Cellular Tower Security Monitoring Module. We have worked with leading Tower companies in India to develop a real-time CCTV based intruder monitoring system for cellular towers.

This system provides real-time snapshots of the sites for any activity. A centralised control room gets a comprehensive dashboard to monitor these sites for any security breaches.

Warehouse Management System

The implementation of RFID technology has improved operational efficiency and productivity in distribution centers and warehouses around the world. RFID technology typically complements data capture technology (like barcodes) already utilized in warehouse and distribution centers. IT managers are regularly exploring ways to integrate RFID technology into warehouse management systems (WMS) in order to increase efficiency in warehouse management.


The challenges for IT managers are:


  • Examine operational flows to find efficient ways for implementing wireless technology in supply-chain and warehouse management
  • Prepare the facility in order to make the move to wireless warehouse technology. For example,
    Consider things like racking and aisle placement, bin ranking and numbering (for primary and secondary storage areas), and labeling the bins with barcode labels
  • Ensure that the warehouse is properly equipped with RF access points and antennas
  • Update the product information in the warehouse software
  • Align the warehouse software for interfacing with primary business software
    Procure (after considering different options) equipments such as RF/barcodes scanners, portable as well as heavy duty printers, and the appropriate type of labels.



RFID-based warehouse management brings several benefits that can eliminate current drawbacks with the help of advanced scanning that improves supply-chain visibility and agility for greater operational efficiency.

Library Automation

We provide end-to-end library automation solution.


  • Supply of Barcode / RFID equipment
  • Library Management Software
  • Data entry of all books, CDs, magazines, journals from accession register
  • Personalized Barcode / RFID labelling
  • Classification numbering on books
  • Stock Taking
  • Reconciliation of stock
Visitor Management System

Features & Advantages


  • Photographic information of visitors
  • Restricted access to visitors to any particular department of area if required
  • Monitoring the visitors and their activities in the campus
  • Software can be integrated with existing security, access control systems such as Barcode system, Smart Card based Time & Attendance systems etc.





  • Software has a strong reporting engine which generates comprehensive reports
  • Date wise movement of visitors
  • Visitor wise in time and out time information
  • Reports can be generated on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Reports between any two given dates
  • Graphical representation of visitor data



Vehicle Entry & Parking


Residential Gated Societies have to give great importance to the security of its residents. So while allowing easy access to residents, the need to keep check on unknown vehicles and guests is a major activity . For this at most societies a manual security system is maintained at the gates. Similarly, offices which have parking space within its complexes have to check the In and Out movement of vehicles.
Manual monitoring becomes very subjective and prone to personal whims and flexibility. What we offer is an RFID based ( long range and short range) Gate Entry System. With RFID tags affixed on the wind screens of vehicles and readers installed at the gates, it becomes very easy to allow disallow vehicular entry and exit. The readers are water proof and have a read range of up to 6-8 mt. An electronic boom barrier acts as a barrier for unwanted entries. Residents find the system convenient because they do not have to prove their identity at gates nor does it take time for the guard to recognize the resident. Before the vehicle reaches the gate the software has already identified the vehicle and the process of opening the Boom Barrier begins before the vehicle is at the gate.
The Software monitors the movement of residents, clicks the photo of the car entering and exiting with date and time stamping. Guest vehicles are handled differently. The booms do not open for them. Their entry is done manually by making entry in the software after receiving confirmation from the resident of the house they wish to visit. Gate pass is issued for such a vehicle.
The benefit here is that members can enter with automatic gate opening. Alerts can be triggered in case of any exceptional situation.
The system is versatile and be used in Schools, Offices, Residential Buildings, Hospitals, etc. It can be extended to the parking system for residents. This way you are able to guide members to move for parking in the areas defined for them.