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Safety and security of students is one of the biggest concerns shared by the parents and school administrations alike. Parents of young school-going children are perpetually worried and often call up school authorities for updates.These distress calls accounts for a significant portion of calls parents make to schools. We developed as a solution to addresses the need for a system which can provide real-time updates to parents and school authorities about the current location of the child, once the child leaves for school.



Features & Benefits


  • It is a RFID , GPS and CCTV snapshot based student tracking system
  • It is a simple and affordable tool for improving safety by monitoring students’ custody in a safe and non-intrusive way
  • It helps in providing a firm base for fixing undisputed accountability of all those entrusted for the safe and secure custody of students
  • Enables schools to provide accurate and immediate nformation to parents about when a student got on or off the school bus
  • Real-time reporting of events through App and SMS
  • Real-time student attendance – parents receive an update on mobile
  • Fully compliant with CBSE guidelines