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Global businesses are witnessing massive turnaround from fluctuating international markets, rapid mergers and acquisitions, aggressive growth plans, rapid business expansions and the ability to cope up with today’s digital invasion. These factors have immensely influenced organizations to look for scalable enterprise solutions, for driving their corporate performance and future business growth.


But implementation of Enterprise solutions can be challenging. complex and drain your organization’s resources. The flexibility of various ERP software and BI tools can create unexpected organizational challenges that need to be carefully managed during the design, implementation, and integration of the software.

CollabX takes care of the entire process cycle so that the organizational impact of the solution meets your expectations.



Elements of our Implementation Services:

  • Implementation Project Planning
  • System design and business blueprint
  • Business process redesign and definition
  • Gap analysis between industry pre-configurations and client business requirements
  • Organizational change management and employee communications
  • Training for end-users
  • Form and report definition
  • Data migration strategy and mapping
  • Technical infrastructure upgrades
  • Business process and system integration



Why CollabX?



  • The combination of industry best practices and deep industry-specific knowledge that covers a wide range of the business processes and yet can be implemented within a very short time-frame
  • We offer accelerated rollout through our reusable components, tools, guidelines, and methodology.
  • Get full value from your ERP investment
  • End-to-end implementation programme from design through user training
  • Implement a common compliance strategy across locations and manage the cost of compliance
  • Improve supply-chain visibility across third-party suppliers and contract manufacturers
  • Full integration of geographically spread operations & effective enforcement of corporate decisions