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CollabX School Management ERP is a suite of integrated applications to manage your institute with minimum hassle and maximum efficiency. It is a cloud based solution that can be tailored as per the requirements of the institution. It supports various modern technologies such as – RFID smart cards, biometric, online payment gateway, mobile apps, instant alerts etc.


  • Admission & Fees
  • Student Administration
  • Scholarship & Concession
  • Attendance

  • Examination
  • SMS & Email Integratio
  • Finance

  • Payroll & Leave
  • Establishment or Service Book
  • Website
  • Library

  • E-Learning
  • Hostel Management
  • Transport

All integrated into a Single database.



  • Faster, smarter and informed decision making for management
  • Create smart reports with ease and efficiency
  • Zero redundancy in managing the institution’s records
  • Reduce monotonous administrative tasks
  • Instantly accessible microscopic as well as macroscopic view of the institution
  • Empowerment of teachers with E-Learning
  • Save paper and reduce teacher workload. Go paperless.
  • Enhance teachers and students engagement
  • Easy and qualitative performance monitoring
  • Collaborate beyond classrooms
  • Keep parents, students and teachers in the connectivity loop at all times, through SMS, email, and Mobile Apps
  • Track student en route, to and from home
  • Help reduce overall operating costs
  • Support strategic planning with detailed data analysis


School Management ERP – Overview   

Call us for a live demonstration of the School Management ERP, and one of our helpful Consultants will give you a complete tour of the product.