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BStep™ – Preferred Solution for Buying Houses & Agencies


Manage Sourcing to Shipment from Anywhere in the World



BStep is a modern and robust solution fo Buying Houses and Agencies. It is specially designed for the garment and textile industry. It is a fully integrated, user-friendly, cost-effective and proven enterprise platform that meets the needs of apparel buying houses and agents. It enables integration of processes across multiple offices and factory locations.


BStep ERP streamlines the total process cycle in apparel buying house management. Its workflow system and web-based real-time management information system provides superior business process management capability for faster response to customer demands.


BStep ERP enables seamless integration of all the processes like Sampling, Costing, Order, Time & Action, Purchase, Production, Logistics, and Management Information Systems. It enables you to have daily and hourly access to the status of all your connections and production orders right from the stage of sourcing till shipment from anywhere in the world.

BStep™ ERP Modules

  • Sampling
  • Costing
  • Order
  • Time & Action

  • Purchase & Store
  • Production
  • Logistics
  • MIS (Management Information System)

BStep™ ERP Benefits

BStep ERP enables the client and its customers to place and manage orders from anywhere in the world. Since it is browser-based, information about customers, partners, order, purchase, inventory, production, logistic, Time & Action and MIS etc. can be accessed by authorized personnel from anywhere and anytime. The orders are stored in a central system, thus making it possible to track the order status at all times. Partners can maintain their branding by personalizing their billing and order documents with their company information and logo. Web-based reports allow the Management and respective departments easy access to current order and live information, allowing them to make informed decisions.

BStep™ ERP Advantages

  • Effective monitoring of overall operations of the organization
  • Highly parameterized , flexible, customizable
  • All the users and factories are interlinked
  • Greater efficiency and performance
  • Multiple level securities

  • Automation of operational tasks
  • Single database access across the globe
  • Highly robust and real time management information system
  • Online functional flow with ISO requirements
  • Reduce total cost of ownership across the globe

Training and Implementation

  • Map the existing processes of the enterprises with CollabX BHMS modules.
  • Determine the process that can be implemented in a short span of time.
  • Identify Gaps in the processes between our BHMS and the ones the enterprise wants to adopt.
  • Decide and freeze on the customization needs.
  • Implement systematic and Step by Step training approach.
  • Educate the key users on the complete functional flow of the system.


BStep™ – Buying House Overview   

Call us for a live demonstration of the Buying House ERP, and one of our helpful Consultants will give you a complete tour of the product.