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ApparelOne™ ERP – Integrated Solution for Apparel Manufacturing Industry


Optimize Your Apparel Business Today And Stay Ahead of The Competition



ApparelOne™  is the go-to ERP solution to streamline your Apparel and Garment manufacturing business. Integrated Apparel Manufacturing has become increasingly competitive and Customer Expectations are very high in terms of Product, Pricing, Innovation and effective Delivery channels. Our Apparel ERP manages all these issues effectively to deliver quality products, maximize your profits and minimize errors. In today’s fiercely competitive world, management needs to aim beyond survival. It needs to make market leadership its goal. To get there, it needs all the help it can get, the most critical being a superior/business automation system that is not only reliable, secure and user-friendly but also scalable and robust. Helping them are emerging technologies that enable changes in business models.


At CollabX, we have designed an integrated and user-friendly Apparel ERP software that can help the Apparel manufacturers to overcome most of its concerns with very effective time management, responsive communication, and real-time reporting. ApparelOne™ ERP is a state of the art, modern, cost-effective and proven enterprise platform that meet the needs of Apparel manufacturing Industry and we strongly believe that the effective support we provide from installation to usage is the key success for both the user and the developer.


Our Apparel ERP solution streamlines the total process cycle in apparel manufacturing. Its workflow system provides superior business process management capability for faster response to customer demands. Web-enabled real-time management information system gives the manufactures the capability to monitor the whole process from product development till exports across the globe. ApparelOne™ ERP is a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning Management System designed specifically for the apparel and Garment manufacturing industry.

ApparelOne™ ERP Modules

  • Pre-Sales (Demand)
  • Merchandising
  • Planning
  • Purchase
  • Budget & Approval
  • Management Information System

  • Order Management
  • Inventory management & QC
  • Production
  • Production Planning & Control
  • Exports Management
  • HR & Payroll Management

All integrated into a Single database.

ApparelOne™ ERP Advantages

  • Effective Monitoring of overall operations of the organization
  • Highly parameterized and flexible
  • All users and factories are interlinked
  • Easy enterprise wide Information sharing
  • Integration of all function ensured
  • Greater efficiency and performance
  • Multi-level security

  • Streamlines your finance and payroll
  • Automation of operational tasks
  • Single database access across the globe
  • Highly robust and real time Management information system
  • Functional flow in line with ISO requirements
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Continued support and constant technology updation.

ApparelOne™ ERP Benefits

  • Help reduce operating costs
  • Facilitate Day-to-Day Management
  • Support Strategic Planning
  • Significant Saving on Communication
  • Faster product/service look-up and ordering, saving time and money
  • Automated ordering and payment, lowering payment processing time
  • Fast access to detailed account histories, providing more abundant information and improved planning and analysis
  • Wider participation, hence multiplying cost savings and management improvements and offsetting system operation costs

Why ApparelOne™ ERP?

  • Saves enormous time and effort in data entry and report production for budgets.
  • Allows more innovative and extensive budget report content and analysis.
  • Thorough Web access allows directors and managers to view real-time information, enabling better control over the entire process life cycle from wherever they are.
  • Links the budget system to payroll, accounting, personnel and other departments, allowing nearly instant data exchange and ensuring such information is consistent and uniform across the board.
  • Provides easy access to trend data—financial information from years past is quickly combined into an up-to-date long-term view.
  • Empowers departments to more closely measure program performance and results.

ApparelOne™ ERP covers all the modules from buyer inquiry to export, with all relevant forms and procedures that are warranted by the management, statutory bodies, and government formalities. The whole product is developed in real-time apparel manufacturing environment over 10 years considering all possible process flow calculations. A software solution is not a product sale and hence it requires constant support throughout the life cycle of the company.

ApparelOne™ ERP – Apparel Manufacturing Overview   

Call us for a live demonstration of the ApparelOne™ ERP, and one of our helpful Consultants will give you a complete tour of the product right from an Enquiry to Shipment.